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Course Reserve

Place library or personal material on reserve for the use of students enrolled in a course

  • Standard periods include:
  • 2 to 4 hours for in-library use
  • 24 to 48 hours for material that circulates outside the library
  • Please complete a course reserve form online or in the library.
  • Faculty will be notified when the item is available on reserve for circulation.
  •  Personal items will be returned to faculty at the end of each semester or as specified.
  • Faculty textbooks may be placed on reserve should their be a shortage of copies available for sale at the campus bookshop.
  • All items placed on reserve must abide by UAE copyright law and international copyright conventions.

Faculty Textbook Copy

The Library may purchase on request a copy of an approved textbook for teaching faculty.

  • Textbook choices are made at a departmental level and communicated directly to the campus bookshop. Students are required to purchase their own copies.   
  • Textbooks purchased by the library for faculty should be returned at the end of the semester.
  • Faculty should contact the publisher directly should they prefer their own copy
  • Faculty members may request that their copy of a textbook be placed on reserve for their students.
  • Please allow some time for the purchase and processing of required faculty textbooks. 

Interlibrary Loan Request

AUD faculty may request books and articles available through interlibrary loan and document delivery services.

AUD Library observes recognised interlibrary loan conventions

  • ​​Works and copies are requested to meet faculty's private study and research needs.
  • Copies become the property of the requesting faculty member.
  • Links to articles will emailed directly to requesting faculty.
  • The amount requested from any one title (journal or book) should not replace the need to purchase or subscribe to a title.
  • Please note that the delivery of books (British Library) may take up to two weeks to arrive.
  • Due to the cost of the service, limits to the number of requests may be applied, and faculty will be informed accordingly.

Library Workshop Request

AUD faculty may request library workshops for their students.

Workshops include instruction on specific databases, research skills guidance, and class assignment support. 

Please note the following:

  • It is preferable that the faculty member be in attendance during the workshop
  • Workshops should be scheduled at least a week in advance 

Recommend a Title

Faculty, staff and current students are encouraged to suggest new titles to be added to the library's collection.

  • Selections are evaluated based on AUD's collection development policy.
  • Recommendations that support curriculum needs will be prioritized.
  • Journal subscriptions run from January to December and suggestions for new subscriptions should be submitted before November for consideration.

Email or drop by the library for a consultation

Subject or Course Guide Request

Subject and course guides are compiled by subject librarians to support students' resource awareness and to provide a platform for information literacy instruction. These guides support independent library research and are available on and off campus to guide students through the research process.

Different types of online library guides are compiled by AUD librarians, including:

  • Subject guides - these cover and showcase the library's resources on a broad subject area or program
  • Course guides - support research and information literacy instruction for a course and/or assignment
  • Topic guides - showcase the library's and broader resources available on a popular topic