Thursday, February 01, 2024

Delving into the realm of literature at the AUD Library, celebrated author Mai El Nakib, known for her work An Unlasting Home: A Novel, imparted wisdom on the art of writing and flight, drawing inspiration from eminent thinkers. She elucidated four fundamental concepts: Writing as a Line of Flight (an escape not from reality, but from its confines), Writing as Lightness (a voyage of acceptance and creation amid the unknown), Writing as a Migratory Passage (emphasizing the joy and ease of embracing life's realities), and Writing as Landing (reaffirming writing as a form of liberation, liberating readers from conventional thinking). El Nakib's enlightening discourse culminated with a compelling message: writing possesses the potential to serve as a line of flight, propelling both readers and writers towards unconventional perspectives and pushing the boundaries of thought. The ensuing discussion underscored the audience's fervent engagement and underscored the transformative influence of exploring writing through an unconventional prism.